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Tax Strategies For Small Businesses Virtual Summit

Are you looking to learn what you can do to reduce your tax bill this season?

I’m Darneisha and I’ve partnered with Dr. Cozette White along with 12 other dynamic authors invite you to join us for our Virtual Tax Summit for Small Businesses.

Here’s why you should join us:

  • You’re a small business owners.

  • You want to learn what’s new this tax season.

  • You need new strategies to kick the year off.

  • You need help navigating through the tax maze.

If one reason above caught your attention, then you should join the summit.

By doing so, here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • State of The Union (what’s going on in the tax industry) and what your refund may look like

  • Understanding merchant pay and reporting

  • IRS Audit and How You Can Prevent Them

  • Understanding Write-Off

  • Why Proactive Decision Making Will Help Your Business

  • And much, much more!!!!

If I’ve listed one reason why you should join, then click the registration link

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